Week 7 | repose – reset- recharge

To NetNarr & Friends :

Last week … we were to …

repose (the state of reposing or being at rest)


reset (to set again)


recharge (to make a new charge, especially to attack again)


Our last class, before Spring break – we set out to explore, the ways in which we can seamlessly invite open exercises of digital writing & media-making into our everyday hustle and bustle – a prevalent point of discussions of recent.


How do we utilize this time during Spring break to – well, trans-form.


We discussed feelings of frustration for efficiently scheduling adequate blogging time (and content) between going to club activities, family obligations and school assignments. And so, this week was a time to reflect on our patterns so far and to get a hold of it all.

get ahold

I was able to doodle with Professor Levine – he was was abundantly helpful guiding me through some great tips with handling media formatting within WordPress! He also put me right on to hypothes.is – I’ve already annotated like, so much. At first, I couldn’t find the side menu after activating it thru downloaded extension – however, I’m happy to report that soon was an old issue. Not to mention, doodle was also SOOOO easy to use – Professor Levine’s a G for this one.


Another exciting part in news tho: We started our Virtual Bus Tour 😀 & guess where we first stopped. For real, just guess. What’d you guess? Ontario? Nope 🙂 Close tho – Puerto Vallerto, Mexico!!

More to come in reflection on that experience, stay tuned…

Til’ soon,


Week 6 | Chaos, Order, Internet and Us – Reflection Pt 3/3 : Conclusion

Dear #Netnarr, Friends & Colleagues:

I) ” The internet is said to show our common humanity. Through it’s data, it is said to provide a kind of omniscience, and through it’s  social networks a deeper sense of connection. For those w/o access it holds a promise of a better life. For those of us who use  it alot, it’s power to affect our lives is clear – but what is the nature of that effect ? How does it affect our behavior ? the way we see others? The way we see ourselves ? ”

A quote pulled from a Video piece by Jonathan Harris & Greg Hochmuth -https://youtu.be/i8HePfa7WYs

A video titled ‘ Network Effect ‘. I mentioned this piece in this #Week6’s Reflection  Part II / III. I was rather overwhelmed (better, annoyed) to watch the same footage repeatedly – where there was no story – at least,linear-ly so.

II)       I think my consuming experience of this video piece is a great metaphor to to the nature of how repeated social media becomes – not so linearly? How it thrives and can drive as an off-courser-in your own right, if you’re not mindful . The voices were in fact tempting  – as they …


The voices kept  me listening for more … whispering very effectively … resulting in the feeling of hearing new things each repeated time.

It also eminates, funny enough  – not my exact experience online ( which occurs as little possible since back  in school )  but more keenly, what I  despise the most. Wasting time, waiting, disorientation  and visual fustration. This video played loud to my anxiousness; set to 7 minutes. Somehow,  knowing the time table beforehand (you were warned that the preview was 7 minutes). It did not kill my anxiousness knowing this time.


III) Digital Alchemic Activities :

We Learned How to Make Gifs Using : GIPHY.COM ( Omg, Professor Lavine is indeed a Master ).

I signed up w/ my email adress. Browsed Professor’s VAST collection (😂). Went on Youtube, searched for ‘Cranes in the Sky’ by Solange. Voila 🙂 Very first Gif (!!!!!!!). Solange 👑.

First GIF ( of le-petit jo)



“So while I may be a wizard of careful selections and masks in Photoshops, bezier curves are my kryptonite. ”

– @le_petitjo via Twitter


Til’ soon,
le-petit jo

Week 6 | Chaos, Order, Internet and Us – Reflection Pt 2/3

Le-Petit Lab.

(Lyrical Interplay w/ the Odyssey)


Home this, now –

Snow deposited –

from the Hi-West wing …

Slowly it Melted,

A Spring to Do.

( as new season approaches )


Driven by a Wild  West Wind,

Thy Breath under

East Wind’s Wing,

A Flame, A Foe, A Fellow

Flow in Flocks Anti-Mellow.

( coming softly but swiftly,

diverse crew fight unhappiness )


The Discovery of Cots,

They Got To Plot

These Pots of Lot,

That –

( what awaits are fruits of their labor )


Brought Naughty

Godly Gaudy Treasure

Matching the Cores

of Hard-Wet-Ohs.

( lust-er be not taboo,

god-ly can be unjust too )


Measuring …

as They Roll Up –

into Lo-Fi’s Curve, a

Differentiator  of Quotients.

Finding Slopes

Thru the Chaos.

( calculating  as they rise and bend,

finding the differences between location

coordinates, even thru uncertainty  )



Utterly  Those …

Molecular Shapes –

Tetrahedral Effect,

Trigonal Pyramids too ?

a Chemistry between 4 Pairs?

( is Polygamy ok ? )


Chaos invites cultures.

peace evokes chaos of the cultures.

a battle for what it’s worth.

a stark without.

come pair it son.

( war and peace from xenophobia  )


Peace there will be,

In hearts of intention,

God’s not perfect,

He too can’t do it alone,

He needs her hand.

( navigating  with comrades in battle,

thru channels to rise )


(Dr. M Zamora & Professor A. Levine )

Til’ soon,
le-petit jo



Week 6 | Chaos, Order, Internet and Us – Reflection Pt 1/3

Dear #NetNarr ,

        This week’s main topic struck home to my digital experience. Asked if I had, a feeling of control in the networked narrative experience – whether I felt lost in the chaos ( ha! ) or maybe, even a combination of both – I was eager to work thru a response.

To answer this, in our Digital Storytelling class ( taught by two professors, Dr. Mia Zamora & Professor Alan Levine ) we made a live Human Spectrum!  We gathered around in front of the class, and while facing Professor Levine ( while in Arizona! ) via laptop screen dimensions – we navigated into rows and columns, in order of height and personal measurement, of where we each felt on a scale of – being ‘ in control ‘ vs. being ‘ utter chaos ‘ – all in effort to conclude our present comfort levels of engaging in the digital alchemic practice that is #netnarr.

One student holds a fitting ‘ In Control ‘ sign, another an ‘ Utter Chaos ‘ sign. I stood right next to this one. Other than my Twitter engagements ( which is very much an achievement to my lo-fi demise ) and my Tumblr feed, comfortably rolling out and about with image content — I did not, in fact, feel, like I was in control of my digital quest. I didn’t feel like I was navigating the assignment schedules, the daily creative calls and the weekly studio visits with clarity. Not to mention, a not-much expressed yet very key factor of operating with limited Internet access .

After expressing concern, Dr. Mia Zamora met with me after class. Having been preparing research for a Communication Class’ Group SPEECH project; titled [Negative Effects of Social Media on College Students] – it was serendipitous to experience the positive effect of face-to-face contact and the richer solution this method of interaction provides. FOR THE RECORD: Dr. Mia Zamora is amazing, from Day One I was in awe of her dictation of words – absolutely, spell-binding. I guess that’s why they call it spell-ing. She patiently showed me where the links to studio visits and weekly recaps – where they can easily be prompted from the Network  Narrative website.

This demonstration was key. Immediately I FELT more calm from my digital anxiety. It’s  great to experience the effect of good interface design – which is a central part to the navigating ease of the Internet user. I just needed a bit of personal direction to the right place and voila; back in business – or at least I know how to. I should also mention my lo-fi operating tools. I use 2 outdated PC laptops and between these two, I was getting 2x as frustrated. Pragmatically, I’ve learned to keep an optimistic attitude nonetheless. I thought I could compensate with dependance on my android smartphone; to utilize my Twitter account as a way to stay in-the-know of the #netnarr stream. Ironically, this method just agitated my Fomo. Fear-of-missing-out led me to passively rely on the content that was shared by others, although great responses and writing prose skills well exercised – I was not really taking control of my voice and contributing to a personal narrative longer than 140 characters. Here now, a lovely alchemic challenge awaits me – to increase participation in the Networked  Narratives ( #NetNarr ) activities; to also evaluate my experience thru thoughtful reflection.

I was advised to start a WordPress blog once again but have long avoided WordPress because I found the interface ( for customization ) pretty difficult or rather, pretty yet difficult. Well, in light of encouragement from communal sanctions expressed by classmates of feelings of chaos in their digital alchemic venture, I decided to persevere on in what I thought was a struggle of my own. What a great big touchbase by great Professors who care. Initially, Professor Alan Levine checked in with me, offering tools for aid. Greatly appreciated as I will need to schedule a video appointment.

So, now, here we are, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon – writing this reflection and as of last night, le-petitjo.com was born. With WordPress as Father, #NetNarr as Mother – WordPress will be hosting weekly reflections and digital creations; as well documentation of challenges in my creative & academic space. To my #netnarr and internet community, feel free to share any tips and suggestions you may have in successfully riding this WordPress train – even if just to say hello 🙂

Til’ soon,
le-petit jo