Week 8 | Writing With Sound

Hey NetNarr!!

This past week, we returned from Spring Break.


It was extended tho – with a little March Blizzard.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to class.

Fortunately, Professor Levine recorded it.


Nonetheless, the class carried on strong.

Taking the Virtual Bus Tour stop to Vermont’s Young Writer’s Project.


I visited their website & It’s pretty inspiring to see really young writers have a certain comfort in their writing!

This week, in serendipity – I looked up the word ‘onomonopia’ from a random conversation outside of class. The formation or use of words such as buzz or murmur that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to.

This week I was more aware of “sound” in coordination with my writing. Even having a discussion as to whether or not, sound affects your writing. If one is able to control their writing/ typing ultimately separate from the sonic influences – or are they inevitably effected by it. I think it depends on the music.

Also happy to share that I discovered a white noise app. I didn’t know what that was either. Basically, its noise filter of everyday background noises – geared to help you relax and focus. My favorite is a fireplace burning.


I used this tool to play in the background while writing.

What I haven’t done yet – is experiment with soundwork.

I was able to get as far as downloading Audacity here at school.

I was able to record some audio – but took video really, hoping I could just translate the video into an audio file somewhere.  It’s now 12:40am after we just submitted this post.

I tell you tho – I’ll be a bit late – but I will, get the goal in.



For the Digital Daily Assignments – again, surrounding the theme of writing with sound, I kept on the uniform. You can check them out here >> Writing a Short Novel w/ a Photo #DDA75 & this here >> Visualize Your Social Bubble #DDA77


I’ve also tried playing around with Stepworks  . Just browsing and failing to jumpstart it but really, I just need to spend more time on it. I’m super excited to utilize these two new programs though – this and Audacity! I smell FUN results on the horizon.


TIl’ soon,




Week 7 | Virtual Bus Tour 1 : Puerta Vallerto, Mexico


Hey Netnarr!!

I’m a little late with this one but – the first Bust stop on our Virtual Bus Tour is Puerta Vallerto, Mexico. Our local host Laura Aguilar, a professor who teaches tourism at the University of Guadalajara in Puerto Vallarta – If you’d like to follow her, do so here or even, here!

Prior to connecting with the students at the University, we exchanged a google doc with information. Prompted with inquiring statements and questions :

What I know of the Country / Region..

What kind of people, names, images come to mind about these places based on what you know from reading, popular culture?

Some of the notes shared regarding Mexico & our New Jersey-ian Culture assumptions were:

  • Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas
  • Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Pinatas
  • Cancun
  • Calaveras de Azucar
  • Ancient Mayan & Aztec ruins — Chichen Itza, Tenochtitlan, Teotihuacan, Palenque, etc.

Some assumptions on their side of New Jersey were:

  • Statue Liberty
  • Fall Colors
  • Bruce Springstein
  • Drugs
  • Border Crossings

Along with further research on both sides, I found this to be a very NEW and effective way to engage with another institution in this way, especially in the classroom – super FUN!

We shared research of both sides to interact through media representations vs. what we hear from each other in our class discussion. Here’s a video I pulled from our class’ document – on research on Puerta Vallerto >> A video made from one of our guest ‘mates – Alondra Hudson ! Stunning – *Adds to bucket list

For New Jersey, one of the references pointed to the NJ Pine Barrens – I found a great video of 2 guys ‘off-roading’ around the barrens. It looks fun!

One of my personal highlights from this stop at Puerto Vallerta was seeing their view outside!!!! Literally, that was the most resonating comparison made. As we sat in our class with a full view of our drab Winter & cold bare trees – we all ‘Aaaahed’ when we saw their balcony view to see their ULTRA BLUE waters and EVER GREEN palm trees. I swear I have never seen color like this!! I would definitely like to make a visit at Puerto Vallerta one day definitely. Cheers!!

We ended class on a great note laughing about the dangers of how the world view the American stereotype, especially with Trump’s wall idea.


Til soon’




#DDA79 | I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours : Home, What’s Underneath?

Good Morning NetNarr!

In today’s Digital Daily Assignment #79, you asked participants to improvise from an original tag phrase “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours”. Then, we are to choose a new word to add to this phrase/ paraphrase and share our remixing” with a creative representation revealed with the corresponding word.

Immediately I thought of some friends over at StyleLikeU & their project What’s Underneath – their theme of ‘self-acceptance’Combining, the last word “Home” with the original phrase “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” and additionally – “What’s Underneath?”. With the Spring in the air (mostly), I was inspired by SLU’s theme of self acceptance.

So here, in this screenshot is a look into my ‘home’ studio. It’s a look into ‘what’s underneath’ my morning – straight from bed, hair braided back, bra-lette and even, what’s underneath some of my artistic process. Behind me are some structure bases in the making for the largest structure I’ve made to date. They will be taking form to hair sculptures like this one I’ve made below …

To view more samples of my artistic work, visit here .



Til’ soon,







#DDA77 | Visualize Your Social Bubble

Hey NetNarr!

Earlier for Digital Daily Assignment #77, you asked participants to simply, stop denying the fact that we live in our social media “bubble”. That we all of course DO live in them – I agree, sort of – I am usually quite intentional in taking off months-at-a-time from Social Media to make sure that I engage differently on this specific bubble called ‘Earth’. To have an earthly engagement if you will. Anyhow, even further, you asked for a visual as to what this bubble may look like even how it would burst.

I consider my social bubble as ‘tiny’. And so, I thought an interesting way to sort of ‘burst’ through this bubble – even a way to ‘visualize’ this ‘bursting’ of the bubble, would come from a sort of serenading movement. Especially, in cadence to our Sound theme we explored last week – I was excited to explore this assignment.

This is, at times, the kind of ‘mood’ I have to get in – in order to interact in this ‘tiny bubble’. The ‘mood’ changing reminds me that we are ultimately – through the chaos, hyper self-awareness and seas of social media swimmers – that we are all deductively operating out of love. The search of and in act of – love.

I thought this serenading tune from Dan Ho, from the late 60’s could best portray the overall mood I associate with operating within any social bubble. Giving your all, your poetry, your heart’s tune while keeping a touch of humor (fun) – are components I like to work with.

Take a look back to Mr.Ho’s performance below – performing at Hollywood Palace . I’ve also attached the lyrics. I’ll let you take a deep take – a listen – as to how I think this song works as a metaphor to my social ‘media’ bubble.



Tiny Bubbles by Don Ho

(Words & music by Leon Pober)

Tiny bubbles (tiny bubbles)
In the wine (in the wine)
Make me happy (make me happy)
Make me feel fine (make me feel fine)

Tiny bubbles (tiny bubbles)
Make me warm all over
With a feeling that I’m gonna
Love you till the end of time

So here’s to the golden moon
And here’s to the silver sea
And mostly here’s a toast
To you and me

So here’s to the ginger lei
I give to you today
And here’s a kiss
That will not fade away

Til’ soon,

#DDA75 | A (Short) Novel in One Photo

Hey Netnarr!

Earlier this week for Digital Daily Assignment #75, you asked for participants to spend time with this moving photo by Aleppo – to then create a short story that includes what this man is listening to on his record player. We are to use words to give a sense of the sounds of his environment.

Here is my short novel (in prose).

A Man Listens to Reconstruct

these are still my walls. my broken walls. am i broken?

i carry on …surrounded with these effects that no longer trouble me –
‘in a silent way’ plays for miles and after a long trip then –

I hope onto coltrane’s train,
with an extra tigga bounce that springs forth hope & tranquility –

and there – a love supreme.
i glide through the symphony and am lifted by it.
levitating now, I am able to see in true perspective.
i can move thru, around and even, inside these walls –
while reinforcing my physical self with the sonic notes I collect with each touch –
reconstructing this former self I am now hovering.

new walls built albeit sonic waves as bricks –
I study this new building in my making.

Hope you enjoyed this impromptu. Feel free to enjoy below – the sonic healings of Miles Davis & John Coltrane.

Til’ soon,


Week 7 | repose – reset- recharge

To NetNarr & Friends :

Last week … we were to …

repose (the state of reposing or being at rest)


reset (to set again)


recharge (to make a new charge, especially to attack again)


Our last class, before Spring break – we set out to explore, the ways in which we can seamlessly invite open exercises of digital writing & media-making into our everyday hustle and bustle – a prevalent point of discussions of recent.


How do we utilize this time during Spring break to – well, trans-form.


We discussed feelings of frustration for efficiently scheduling adequate blogging time (and content) between going to club activities, family obligations and school assignments. And so, this week was a time to reflect on our patterns so far and to get a hold of it all.

get ahold

I was able to doodle with Professor Levine – he was was abundantly helpful guiding me through some great tips with handling media formatting within WordPress! He also put me right on to hypothes.is – I’ve already annotated like, so much. At first, I couldn’t find the side menu after activating it thru downloaded extension – however, I’m happy to report that soon was an old issue. Not to mention, doodle was also SOOOO easy to use – Professor Levine’s a G for this one.


Another exciting part in news tho: We started our Virtual Bus Tour 😀 & guess where we first stopped. For real, just guess. What’d you guess? Ontario? Nope 🙂 Close tho – Puerto Vallerto, Mexico!!

More to come in reflection on that experience, stay tuned…

Til’ soon,


#DDA71 | My Alchemist Signature [JGW]

Hey Netnarr!

In today’s Digital Daily Assignment, you asked for a symbol that represents ourselves as Alchemist (LOVE IT!). Below is a draft sketch of a signature I am working out for a developing “art-catalogue-story” project, called JoGoesWest.  Even further, I’ve attached a sneak into some very special designs cooking up for a launch from Le-PetitLab!


Jo is a Millennial warrior displaced from the tantalizing East; A pioneering traveler of roads to the Wild Wild West – Jo is empowered by alchemic concoctions of lo-fi means, in order to survive a 7-month roadtrip alone.   Follow JoGoesWest – More coming soon!




Til’ soon,




Week 6 | Chaos, Order, Internet and Us – Reflection Pt 3/3 : Conclusion

Dear #Netnarr, Friends & Colleagues:

I) ” The internet is said to show our common humanity. Through it’s data, it is said to provide a kind of omniscience, and through it’s  social networks a deeper sense of connection. For those w/o access it holds a promise of a better life. For those of us who use  it alot, it’s power to affect our lives is clear – but what is the nature of that effect ? How does it affect our behavior ? the way we see others? The way we see ourselves ? ”

A quote pulled from a Video piece by Jonathan Harris & Greg Hochmuth -https://youtu.be/i8HePfa7WYs

A video titled ‘ Network Effect ‘. I mentioned this piece in this #Week6’s Reflection  Part II / III. I was rather overwhelmed (better, annoyed) to watch the same footage repeatedly – where there was no story – at least,linear-ly so.

II)       I think my consuming experience of this video piece is a great metaphor to to the nature of how repeated social media becomes – not so linearly? How it thrives and can drive as an off-courser-in your own right, if you’re not mindful . The voices were in fact tempting  – as they …


The voices kept  me listening for more … whispering very effectively … resulting in the feeling of hearing new things each repeated time.

It also eminates, funny enough  – not my exact experience online ( which occurs as little possible since back  in school )  but more keenly, what I  despise the most. Wasting time, waiting, disorientation  and visual fustration. This video played loud to my anxiousness; set to 7 minutes. Somehow,  knowing the time table beforehand (you were warned that the preview was 7 minutes). It did not kill my anxiousness knowing this time.


III) Digital Alchemic Activities :

We Learned How to Make Gifs Using : GIPHY.COM ( Omg, Professor Lavine is indeed a Master ).

I signed up w/ my email adress. Browsed Professor’s VAST collection (😂). Went on Youtube, searched for ‘Cranes in the Sky’ by Solange. Voila 🙂 Very first Gif (!!!!!!!). Solange 👑.

First GIF ( of le-petit jo)



“So while I may be a wizard of careful selections and masks in Photoshops, bezier curves are my kryptonite. ”

– @le_petitjo via Twitter


Til’ soon,
le-petit jo

Week 6 | Chaos, Order, Internet and Us – Reflection Pt 2/3

Le-Petit Lab.

(Lyrical Interplay w/ the Odyssey)


Home this, now –

Snow deposited –

from the Hi-West wing …

Slowly it Melted,

A Spring to Do.

( as new season approaches )


Driven by a Wild  West Wind,

Thy Breath under

East Wind’s Wing,

A Flame, A Foe, A Fellow

Flow in Flocks Anti-Mellow.

( coming softly but swiftly,

diverse crew fight unhappiness )


The Discovery of Cots,

They Got To Plot

These Pots of Lot,

That –

( what awaits are fruits of their labor )


Brought Naughty

Godly Gaudy Treasure

Matching the Cores

of Hard-Wet-Ohs.

( lust-er be not taboo,

god-ly can be unjust too )


Measuring …

as They Roll Up –

into Lo-Fi’s Curve, a

Differentiator  of Quotients.

Finding Slopes

Thru the Chaos.

( calculating  as they rise and bend,

finding the differences between location

coordinates, even thru uncertainty  )



Utterly  Those …

Molecular Shapes –

Tetrahedral Effect,

Trigonal Pyramids too ?

a Chemistry between 4 Pairs?

( is Polygamy ok ? )


Chaos invites cultures.

peace evokes chaos of the cultures.

a battle for what it’s worth.

a stark without.

come pair it son.

( war and peace from xenophobia  )


Peace there will be,

In hearts of intention,

God’s not perfect,

He too can’t do it alone,

He needs her hand.

( navigating  with comrades in battle,

thru channels to rise )


(Dr. M Zamora & Professor A. Levine )

Til’ soon,
le-petit jo



Week 6 | Chaos, Order, Internet and Us – Reflection Pt 1/3

Dear #NetNarr ,

        This week’s main topic struck home to my digital experience. Asked if I had, a feeling of control in the networked narrative experience – whether I felt lost in the chaos ( ha! ) or maybe, even a combination of both – I was eager to work thru a response.

To answer this, in our Digital Storytelling class ( taught by two professors, Dr. Mia Zamora & Professor Alan Levine ) we made a live Human Spectrum!  We gathered around in front of the class, and while facing Professor Levine ( while in Arizona! ) via laptop screen dimensions – we navigated into rows and columns, in order of height and personal measurement, of where we each felt on a scale of – being ‘ in control ‘ vs. being ‘ utter chaos ‘ – all in effort to conclude our present comfort levels of engaging in the digital alchemic practice that is #netnarr.

One student holds a fitting ‘ In Control ‘ sign, another an ‘ Utter Chaos ‘ sign. I stood right next to this one. Other than my Twitter engagements ( which is very much an achievement to my lo-fi demise ) and my Tumblr feed, comfortably rolling out and about with image content — I did not, in fact, feel, like I was in control of my digital quest. I didn’t feel like I was navigating the assignment schedules, the daily creative calls and the weekly studio visits with clarity. Not to mention, a not-much expressed yet very key factor of operating with limited Internet access .

After expressing concern, Dr. Mia Zamora met with me after class. Having been preparing research for a Communication Class’ Group SPEECH project; titled [Negative Effects of Social Media on College Students] – it was serendipitous to experience the positive effect of face-to-face contact and the richer solution this method of interaction provides. FOR THE RECORD: Dr. Mia Zamora is amazing, from Day One I was in awe of her dictation of words – absolutely, spell-binding. I guess that’s why they call it spell-ing. She patiently showed me where the links to studio visits and weekly recaps – where they can easily be prompted from the Network  Narrative website.

This demonstration was key. Immediately I FELT more calm from my digital anxiety. It’s  great to experience the effect of good interface design – which is a central part to the navigating ease of the Internet user. I just needed a bit of personal direction to the right place and voila; back in business – or at least I know how to. I should also mention my lo-fi operating tools. I use 2 outdated PC laptops and between these two, I was getting 2x as frustrated. Pragmatically, I’ve learned to keep an optimistic attitude nonetheless. I thought I could compensate with dependance on my android smartphone; to utilize my Twitter account as a way to stay in-the-know of the #netnarr stream. Ironically, this method just agitated my Fomo. Fear-of-missing-out led me to passively rely on the content that was shared by others, although great responses and writing prose skills well exercised – I was not really taking control of my voice and contributing to a personal narrative longer than 140 characters. Here now, a lovely alchemic challenge awaits me – to increase participation in the Networked  Narratives ( #NetNarr ) activities; to also evaluate my experience thru thoughtful reflection.

I was advised to start a WordPress blog once again but have long avoided WordPress because I found the interface ( for customization ) pretty difficult or rather, pretty yet difficult. Well, in light of encouragement from communal sanctions expressed by classmates of feelings of chaos in their digital alchemic venture, I decided to persevere on in what I thought was a struggle of my own. What a great big touchbase by great Professors who care. Initially, Professor Alan Levine checked in with me, offering tools for aid. Greatly appreciated as I will need to schedule a video appointment.

So, now, here we are, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon – writing this reflection and as of last night, le-petitjo.com was born. With WordPress as Father, #NetNarr as Mother – WordPress will be hosting weekly reflections and digital creations; as well documentation of challenges in my creative & academic space. To my #netnarr and internet community, feel free to share any tips and suggestions you may have in successfully riding this WordPress train – even if just to say hello 🙂

Til’ soon,
le-petit jo