GranmèJo Weaves the Antidote …

GranmèJo Says

Our  muscular ability,

when de-mobolized

– we’ve developed an antidote!

An antidote

– a medicine

– through fashion design.

Fashion design thru particular selection

– of thread. A thread

– that is knitted?

Yes – exactly.

Granmè doesn’t just knit

for giggles

– her consciousness

& thoughts are transmitted through the fine generators

& distributors

of each fiber on.






In fact,

because of Granmè

– each time you wear her hand-knitted scarf,

you may just feel — stronger



[ *scene ]

Hello there, the prose I’ve shared with you ( hopefully, you were there each word with me and so excellent appreciations to you ) – is merely based on the wisdom of grandmothers. GranmèJo is a character I am developing as the wise silent & strong carrier of history, science and art. She is Grand-Mother. She is Granmè.


Below are two in-depth explanation as to how this concept of Knitted Muscles exist.



Til soon,

le-petit jo

#chemistry in clothing #alchemistfindings #lepetitjo #netnarr

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