Week 6 | Chaos, Order, Internet and Us – Reflection Pt 1/3

Dear #NetNarr ,

        This week’s main topic struck home to my digital experience. Asked if I had, a feeling of control in the networked narrative experience – whether I felt lost in the chaos ( ha! ) or maybe, even a combination of both – I was eager to work thru a response.

To answer this, in our Digital Storytelling class ( taught by two professors, Dr. Mia Zamora & Professor Alan Levine ) we made a live Human Spectrum!  We gathered around in front of the class, and while facing Professor Levine ( while in Arizona! ) via laptop screen dimensions – we navigated into rows and columns, in order of height and personal measurement, of where we each felt on a scale of – being ‘ in control ‘ vs. being ‘ utter chaos ‘ – all in effort to conclude our present comfort levels of engaging in the digital alchemic practice that is #netnarr.

One student holds a fitting ‘ In Control ‘ sign, another an ‘ Utter Chaos ‘ sign. I stood right next to this one. Other than my Twitter engagements ( which is very much an achievement to my lo-fi demise ) and my Tumblr feed, comfortably rolling out and about with image content — I did not, in fact, feel, like I was in control of my digital quest. I didn’t feel like I was navigating the assignment schedules, the daily creative calls and the weekly studio visits with clarity. Not to mention, a not-much expressed yet very key factor of operating with limited Internet access .

After expressing concern, Dr. Mia Zamora met with me after class. Having been preparing research for a Communication Class’ Group SPEECH project; titled [Negative Effects of Social Media on College Students] – it was serendipitous to experience the positive effect of face-to-face contact and the richer solution this method of interaction provides. FOR THE RECORD: Dr. Mia Zamora is amazing, from Day One I was in awe of her dictation of words – absolutely, spell-binding. I guess that’s why they call it spell-ing. She patiently showed me where the links to studio visits and weekly recaps – where they can easily be prompted from the Network  Narrative website.

This demonstration was key. Immediately I FELT more calm from my digital anxiety. It’s  great to experience the effect of good interface design – which is a central part to the navigating ease of the Internet user. I just needed a bit of personal direction to the right place and voila; back in business – or at least I know how to. I should also mention my lo-fi operating tools. I use 2 outdated PC laptops and between these two, I was getting 2x as frustrated. Pragmatically, I’ve learned to keep an optimistic attitude nonetheless. I thought I could compensate with dependance on my android smartphone; to utilize my Twitter account as a way to stay in-the-know of the #netnarr stream. Ironically, this method just agitated my Fomo. Fear-of-missing-out led me to passively rely on the content that was shared by others, although great responses and writing prose skills well exercised – I was not really taking control of my voice and contributing to a personal narrative longer than 140 characters. Here now, a lovely alchemic challenge awaits me – to increase participation in the Networked  Narratives ( #NetNarr ) activities; to also evaluate my experience thru thoughtful reflection.

I was advised to start a WordPress blog once again but have long avoided WordPress because I found the interface ( for customization ) pretty difficult or rather, pretty yet difficult. Well, in light of encouragement from communal sanctions expressed by classmates of feelings of chaos in their digital alchemic venture, I decided to persevere on in what I thought was a struggle of my own. What a great big touchbase by great Professors who care. Initially, Professor Alan Levine checked in with me, offering tools for aid. Greatly appreciated as I will need to schedule a video appointment.

So, now, here we are, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon – writing this reflection and as of last night, le-petitjo.com was born. With WordPress as Father, #NetNarr as Mother – WordPress will be hosting weekly reflections and digital creations; as well documentation of challenges in my creative & academic space. To my #netnarr and internet community, feel free to share any tips and suggestions you may have in successfully riding this WordPress train – even if just to say hello 🙂

Til’ soon,
le-petit jo

2 thoughts on “Week 6 | Chaos, Order, Internet and Us – Reflection Pt 1/3”

  1. It’s a beautiful blog already. I am so pleased you persisted through the technical and comprehension challenges. There’s ought to be less of the “f” in FOMO as long as you know you can reach out to not only your teachers, but your fellow students, for help.

    You are well on your way to Digital Alchemist.


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